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Hush (Lakeview Series) - Stacey R. Campbell

Hush by Stacey R. Campbell is the first novel in the Lakeview Series.  Attending Lakeview Academy, a boarding in school in Canada, Blakely Henry meets Max Ryder, a British exchange student.  What Blakely doesn’t know is that he is there to investigate the possibility that she is the last remaining Tamuran princess.  Although Blakely knows she is adopted, she loves her adoptive parents and, after a brief attempt to locate her biological parents turns up no results, is content with her life the way it is.  Yet when the mystery surrounding her birth and adoption is revealed, Blakely is in for some major changes.


What I was expecting was The Princess Diaries…what I got was a mediocre love story.  Yes, this book has mystery and suspense, but I felt that it was overshadowed by page after page of Max pursuing Blakely and Blakely being hesitant.  When she finally decides to move past the friend zone with Max, every plot line intensifies and is over like a firework.  I felt the end was rushed and there was no real motivation for me to continue reading the next book.  Maybe the next in the series, the reader will get to see Blakely in the role of a princess and how she deals with the inner and external conflict that will surely come with it.  I just hope it isn’t only about Max feeling like he can’t be with her because he’s just a “commoner.”


I received this ARC from NetGalley. Thanks, Green Darner Press!